Karmieh and Zortrax M200 Reshapes Handmade Toys Design


I purchased my first 3d printer 18 month ago and since then I learned as much as possible about this technology, handmade toys and how to change my workflow to fit this new opportunity, although the answer was starring me right in the face it took me a while to know exactly what I wanted to do and in which direction I want to take my business into. Being featured on the Zortrax blog is a huge achievement for me, they created a great machine that I love and it helped me become a toy designer.

You can read the entire article here:


"Exaggerated big shiny eyes, even larger head and an emotional, often explosive, character, all in a cute, chubby, tiny package. Does it ring a bell yet? If manga or anime characters sprang to your mind, you’re dead-on. The characteristic, Japanese chibi style of picturing characters started to gain popularity in the 80s and 90s, when manga and anime settled themselves in western pop culture for good. The chibi style also inspired Oasim Karmieh, a 3D artist and toy designer, to create some special caricature figurines that combine the western and eastern cultures."

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