Foxpresso: Red Fox Edition

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With enough coffee, anything is possible!

With all the hustle going around, a fox gotta stop and smell the coffee ☕.

Coffee so soothing that it can tame a fox, Foxpresso is the embodiment of a feeling, a moment when you stop being a fox, hiding, hustling and hunting your next prey.

Foxpresso Brew 🦊 is just a fox that loves to enjoy those priceless moments of peace and quite. 

  • Stands over 7 inches tall
  • 3 different colours bow ties (Red, Black and Green)
  • Open edition until Monday 1st of october (international coffee day)
  • 100% 3D printed resin
  • Packed in custom wooden box, wrapped in a coffee sack along side freshly roasted Arabic beans
  • Hand painted 
  • Stickers and Foxpresso buttons included

Foxpresso: Red Fox Edition will start Shipping Nov 2018