Scarlett Hood

"Knock, knock!"

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Bobo Fate: Darth Knight

The pristine white armor of the prototype version shows the depth of vision and complexity of this great artist. Majestic and fierce, this piece both enlightens and amazes. I can't break my gaze. i'm honored to own it.

William Nendza

Eleven: Stranger Things

From the sculpting to the painting, everything had a well crafted touch. Even down to the folder it came with describing the process, from concept to final production. A well worth addition to my collection.

Xavier Alvarez

Batsy: Adam West 

The level of attention for details is amazing and I'll back this statement with a very small but significant example: the pouches have different connectors so that you can place them into THEIR respective positions...

Alex Paraschiv

Artists for whom I have sculpted...

I had the great fortune to work with some ingenious artists since I have started this journey, and I'm genuinely humbled by their trust to bring their beautiful characters and art into the real world as designer toys.
If you are interested in bringing your own toy design to life, please feel free to use the contact form below.

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Telos Origin Story


Ursos was screaming and explaining that he was not supposed to do that: "We can not interfere, we are only here to pick up souls and not to kill humans."

Telos episode 9

His own throat

The guy froze there, looked around the room, walked up to a table in the corner of the room picked up a knife and slit his own throat, then collapsed on his knees and bent backwards.

Telos episode 8

Something snapped inside

Ursos was looking out the window as he was very impressed with how Telos has pulled this job. But when he turned to give Telos a rare compliment, the vessel was on the floor next to the body...

Telos episode 7