Back from ToyCon UK 2019

Back from ToyCon UK 2019

I can't even describe how great ToyCon UK was, The people, the vibe the atmosphere was just so cosy and friendly. I got to meet some of the fantastic Toy sculptors and toy designers that I have been following for years now, I had the chance to see the toys that I sculpted for other artists, and it felt good to have your art appreciated by so many people especially people in the same industry and collectors who love designer toys.

Spent four days in London talking almost non-stop about toys, toy design, sculpting, techniques, resins, paints and everything designer toy related.

My haul of toys wasn't huge; I found that my taste in Designer toys has changed since I started sculpting, painting and creating my toys. But I did buy a piece which I cherish, I also got to meet the artist that sculpted and created this gorgeous piece, and yes you guessed it we spent hours talking about toys. The artist's name is Matthew Roby also known as Pickled Circus you should def check out his Instagram account; his works are just gorgeous.

Being my first time at ToyCon UK I didn't have time to make too many toys, but I did finish Hellbaby in time to take the Prototype with me to ToyCon, and I was so lucky to send the little fella to his new home.

What's coming next, well I will be spending the next month working on all the Hellbabies that got ordered, then I'm planning to release the new Foxpresso: Silver Fox Edition, I have a couple of new toys in the making, BOBO FATE: DEAD FATE, Scarlet Hood, Georgie, WaSmash, Mochas, Foxy Latte.

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