VOODOO Telos Al-Karma

VOODOO Telos Al-Karma

I love doing one-off pieces, especially based on one of my own toys, it just gives me the freedom to experiment with colours and details without thinking about the production aspect of it, Thank you, Tim, I really hope you enjoy this piece, I can't wait to see photos in its new home!

A lot of work went into this custom designer toy, here are a couple of photos on the process, I really hope somebody finds this helpful, feel free to message me if you have any questions!

voodoo telos

As much as I love how the Nike kicks look they take so long to paint, it takes me about 2-3 hours to paint a pair, cause I start with white as a base cause it's easier to add colour on white and it also makes it look more vibrant, then I'll add the 2nd colour the orange here and finally black each colour about 2-3 layers, I love using Mr-hobby paints but lately, I have been using Tamiya paints more and more and I love how nice it spreads on with a brush and airbrush.



II decided to make the coffin handles golden, initially, I was thinking of making them orange just to have some orange from the figure on the coffin but I didn't like how it looked. For the gold paint, I used Mr.Hobby metallic gold.

telos designer toy

The staff was so much fun to create, I started with a tiny craft jar filled it with UV resin, then took a piece of jewellery wire and wrapped it around the jar, then glued a skull on top then wrapped the whole wire in leather, and it wasn't intentional to do the staff in two types of leather I didn't measure the length I would need and instead of using the same colour, I thought it would look cooler in a different colour. And between the two types of leather, I glued a copper piece of jewellery from my goodies box.

telos custom toy

telos toy designer

Telos editions



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  • Tyler

    I NEED that Oni mask one!

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